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The HAKA Group

In 1967 Sheik Hassan A. Karim Algahtani founded The Hassan A. K. Algahtani Sons Company. Originally, it began as a trading and transportation company. Today, we know it as The HAKA Group or HAKA. It has taken a very diversified approach with offices in Saudi Arabia as well as other countries. The corporate offices remain in Al-Khobar. There are approximately 2,250 employees currently working within the structure of the many varied divisions. HAKA is poised for a promising future both home and abroad as the visionary leadership is fulfilled through the sons of the late Sheik Algahtani.

The HAKA Group consists of many diversified divisions including: real estate development & leasing, food, beverage, & dairy production, truck & equipment agencies, heavy haulage, transportation, industrial trading, oil & gas services, marine, shipping, logistic solutions, education solutions, freight forwarding, inter-city freight distribution and printing services.

HAKA Human Resources

The purpose of this website is to provide information concerning yet another division, that of employment opportunities available with the Hassan A. K. Algahtani Sons Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Training & Technical Services Division serves as a major Saudi employment resource and networks with other large employers such as the Saudi Aramco Company, Sceco, PetroRabigh,  Sabic Companies, i.e. Hadeed, Sadaf, and Ibn Al Bitar.

Saudi Arabia General Information

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covers an estimated area of 865,000 square miles, occupies the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula, and is located in the southwest part of Asia. More than a quarter of the world�s proven oil reserves lie beneath the sands and offshore waters of Saudi Arabia. Excessive heat and aridity are characteristic of most of Saudi Arabia. The average temperatures for the months of January and July in Riyadh are 14.4� C (58� F) and 42� C (108� F). The average annual precipitation in Riyadh and Jeddah is 3-5 inches. Because of the general aridity, Saudi Arabia has no permanent rivers or lakes. On the other hand, humidity in the coastal regions may approach one hundred percent. The population of Saudi Arabia is primarily composed of Arabs whose ancestors have lived in the area for many centuries. The population of Saudi Arabia is about 29.2 million, of which 20.2 million are Saudi nationals and 9 million foreigners of Pakistanis, Egyptians,Indians , Philippines ,Sudanese ,Jordanian ,Lebanese's, Syrians, then Americans, British, Europeans, and others who have immigrated to Saudi Arabia because of the outstanding economic opportunities the country has to offer. Most of the population today consist of urban Saudis who practice the Muslim religion and speak the Arabic language and English. Saudi Arabia's unit of currency is the riyal. One USA dollar is equivalent to 3.75 Saudi riyals.

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