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What time is it in Saudi?            
      Saudi Arabia is on Greenwich Mean Time plus three hours (GMT+3). This is equivalent to Eastern Standard Time plus eight hours (seven hours Daylight Savings Time).

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Saudi Arabia
How long can I stay?            
      The usual length of a contract is one year. Many are renewed at the end of the year.

      All contracts are for Bachelor (Single) Status. After your 90 day probation period you may at your expense bring your wife and family over to Saudi. We do not recommend this as it is very expense to do so and private schools are expensive. However, HAKA will assist in writing an invitation for you but the details are left up to the employee to handle his family coming to Saudi. You could also be transferred within Saudi to another location and you would have to bear the expense of moving your family.

Where do I fly to?            
      Most of the time you will fly into Dammam where an HAKA representative will meet you outside of customs.

Letters of No Objection?            
      If you have worked in Saudi Arabia in the past two years you MUST have an original Letter of No Objection from your former employer.

Saudi Arabia Drivers License?            
      If you have an expired one from another time when you worked In-Kingdom---take it with you as it will help to expedite your new one.

How will I obtain my visa?            
      You will have simple instructions to follow. Cheryl Ryan will be readily available to answer all of your questions.

Will I need a physical?            
      Yes, and you may select your own doctor.

Will I have Medical Insurance?            
      Yes, HAKA does provide the employee with Health Insurance while working in Saudi. A wife and children can sometimes be added to the policy but the employee would have to pay that personally. The wife and family would have to be living in Saudi to be eligible.

How many hours a week do I work?            
      Teachers and Trainers work 40 hours per week. All other employees work 48 hours per week.

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